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Words and dreams and a million screams...

The focus of content is never changed...

The Focus of Content is Never Changed
this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about.
I start school again at UCF in the fall of 2007.
a tribe called quest, adam's castle, adult swim, agent twenty three, air, alice stevens, alkaline trio, american football, antarctica, apartment life, architecture in helsinki, at the drive-in, big city life, bluetip, boards of canada, braid, broken social scene, broken spindles, built to spill, caffreys, chicago (the city), cursive, darkest hour, death cab for cutie, deftones, delilahs, descendents, detroit, dismemberment plan, dj shadow, dr. dre, drive like jehu, elliot, enon, explosions in the sky, family guy, few and far between, fight club, flaming lips, foo fighters, fugazi, ghosts and vodka, godspeed you black emperor!, green day, guilt, gza, harry potter, hoodies, hopesfall, hot snakes, hot water music, hum, ida, isis, janet stimac, jawbox, jawbreaker, jealous sound, jen kuhn, jen wood, jonny jiskra, june of '44, justin bilicki, karate, keith babiasz, king for a day, knapsack, kool keith, lagwagon, le tigre, lifetime, long nights, looper, macha, mainspring, malakhai, mike connor, milan kundera, mineral, minus the bear, mirah, miss april, modest mouse, mos def, mouse on mars, my bloody valentine, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, new friends, newcastle, nofx, notorious big, open hand, owen, p.t. anderson, parliament lights, pete yorn, piebald, pinback, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, q.o.t.s.a, radiohead, refused, road trips, rocket from the crypt, rocking horse winner, roosevelt's inaugural parade, s.d.r.e, sarge, sensefield, sigur ros, sinatra, sitting on my porch, six feet under, slapstick, smoking, sonic youth, strangers on trains, super furry animals, texas is the reason, the avalanches, the big lebowski, the blonde alibi, the bouncing souls, the chicken shack (rip), the firebird band, the ivy crown, the killing suspense, the microphones, the one a.m. radio, the peanut barrel, the pixies, the police, the postal service, the rolling stones, the sea and cake, the simpsons, the sopranos, the violent femmes, the x-files, thursday, tortoise, touring, tristeza, wilco, wu-tang clan, yo la tengo, your enemies friends, zao